Remote Bill Payment advertising enables advertisers to be at the point where consumers are paying their bills or drawing money and are prepared to spend. 

This is a great way to capture consumers’ attention while waiting for their transaction to conclude. 

Why Advertise on Remote Bill Payment Kiosks?

We offer a very unique and focused advertising opportunity. Advertising is most effective when it reaches the consumer when they are the most receptive when they are already in the store. This is why we have installed the latest revolution in marketing today: 

Digital signs and monitors on top of our existing ATM and Kiosk machines.

Remote Bill payment is the next generation in marketing and brand-building, allowing advertisers to reach a captive, mass-market audience with focused, directed, and customized messages in an engaging way, resulting in increased product sales. Advertisers can use our Kiosk toppers and Video screens to tie in with existing branding and marketing to enhance corporate brands and ultimately increase revenues.

"High Definition LED Topper" Branding

Advertisers can participate in our multi-media platform of Remote Bill payment ad placements.

Unlike traditional media opportunities for advertisers, our cost-effective LED video toppers allow you to reach a targeted market at a price that is affordable for all.

"Side Panel" Branding

For clients looking for a more impactful or interactive form of advertising. Remote Bill Payment allows you to spread your message more interactively by using various mediums.

Since these mediums are unique, it will offer your brand the flare it deserves. Within alternative media, various platforms range in pricing; this provides the client some room to ensure their budget is well spent with a significant ROI.

Our side panels will allow you to reach a target market at an affordable price.

"Paper Receipt" Branding

Branded paper receipts are an innovative way to advertise being a targeted media vehicle as you can get, as the customer is already aware of you and receptive to purchasing your products and services.

Most customers look closely at their receipt to make sure it’s accurate, which means you have their undivided attention.

Many customers will hold onto their receipt for future reference, giving your ad message an extended shelf life and repeat viewing.

The receipt can be used as a promotional device, like a coupon, which allows you to measure the campaign response and ROI.

Go beyond the reach of traditional media with our innovative marketing packages.

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