Location Partner Performance

> 3000

Monthly Visitors per Location (average)

$ 1600

Annual US$ Revenue per Year

$ 120

Direct Annual Expenses 

This is all we need to help store traffic...

Oh, and we’ll pay you for it.

Door Swings Generated in 2022

No Labor. No Direct Expenses. Just Profit.

Just a simple way to earn extra money without any real effort.


Bill Payment Kiosk machines provide a mechanism for customers to process their own bill payments and Mobile Top us from supermarkets as a way of real convenience which is a major benefit to their customers shopping at their location.

Shopping Malls

Remote Bill Payment Kiosks provide the perfect complementary service within brick-and-mortar environments. Once restricted to ATMs or information booths at your local shopping mall, interactive Bill Payment kiosks are popping up everywhere – from local government centres to retail outlets and business shop fronts.

Service Stations

Shorter wait times. A self-service bill payment kiosk is a line-busting solution that puts your customers in control of the ordering and payment process. Self-service stations will help alleviate wait times as additional counter employees would, by keeping the lines moving.

Increase Sales & Traffic at your Location

As a commercial store operator, Remote Bill Payment can help increase
foot traffic (customers) to your locations.

The Convenience Factor Of Remote Bill Payment Kiosks Cannot Be Overstated. Customers Appreciate Being Able To Complete A Wide Variety Of Errands In One Place. 


As our kiosks will be in convenient locations, customers will be able to carry out other transactions un-rushed, without the tear of a bill payment store being closed after business hours. That’s because some of our kiosk machines are Open 24/7.

This will also encourage customers to shop right there and then at your store – Increasing Sales!

Most of all YOU GET PAID, rental from us for that location.

This translates to new customer acquisition and strengthening existing customer loyalty, in turn influencing in-store purchases. 

Remote Bill Payment users establish retail partner locations as a fixture in their monthly routines, shifting their buying habits. Statistics have shown that customer survey respondents indicate that monthly in-store purchases increase tremendously. 

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